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Service commitment

       Customer satisfaction is our unremitting force to work hard!

       Since the establishment of our company, more than ten years have been devoted to doing well in uniforms. In addition to producing cost-effective products, we must also do a good job of after-sales service.

       Our company has perfect pre-sale and after-sale service. Our company will send Master to go to the company to tailor for each employee, and to modify the size according to the employee's own requirements, even after the contract is over, if the customer company part Employees want to change the size, we will also achieve customer satisfaction. Quality assurance is the basis for our survival and development. Perfect after-sales service is our consistent aim. Our company promises new and old customers that: The content of after-sales service includes the following:

First, the quality of the clothing itself:

1. The craftsmanship, style specifications, etc. of the clothes do not match

2. After the delivery, there are buttons, popping, and ironing are not ideal;

3. Appearance of blisters during normal use of clothing;

The above is a quality issue. Within 3 days after the statistics have been notified to us, our company will revise or redo our site for free until it is satisfied with your company.

Second, the customer artificial damage problem:

1. The use of detergents containing bleach ingredients;

2. Inadvertently breaking hook damage;

3. Damage caused by pyrotechnics or excessive high temperature damage;

The above man-made damage is supposed to be the responsibility of the customer, but our company will do its best to amend it. In the case that the technical appraisal cannot be modified, only recoup costs will be redone.

Third, on the size of the problem:

1. The package for measuring registration data from our factory is modified or redone free of charge.

 2. It is the responsibility of the customer to self-report the data of your factory personnel and statistics from your factory, but our company will do its best to amend it. If the technical appraisal cannot be modified, only the cost recovery will be done.

Fourth, post-sale tracking at any time:

 1. After the comprehensive revision, if there is a change, our company is obliged to modify the service at any time. This service lasts for six months.

 2. When your company does not propose changes, our company will send customer service on-site tracking service on a quarterly basis for a period of three years.