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How to purchase the uniforms

I. Introduction:

        For a company’s purchasers, purchasing administrative uniforms is undoubtedly one of the most troublesome and headache jobs, because first, overalls represent the company’s image and it matters; second, overalls are worn on each company’s employees. , including its own leaders, and even the top leader of the company, if the procurement is not good, it will be criticized by many people, if the leadership will blame you for ineffective, deduct you bonus, serious leadership will dismiss you Investigations and outrage were carried out by civilians. Thirdly, administrative suits generally need to be tailor-made. The tailoring of clothing is totally different from that of other items. The other items are actual quantities; but the clothing must be widened based on the actual size of the measured body. This must be done by looking for professional manufacturers and professional trainers with extensive experience to do a good job in conforming to everyone's size. Therefore, as a buyer, it is necessary to be careful when purchasing the company's executive suit.

Second, the question:

        With regard to how to purchase the administrative uniforms of the company, according to the company's more than ten years of experience in tailoring administrative uniforms and uniforms, the following points are summarized for reference only by new and old customers:

1, first look at the work: first ask each supplier to take the same type of clothing to see the workmanship process and finished product effect (note the separate version type and wearing effect). OK to work on the finalists, work is not considered OK. Because the workmanship is not even the best design style or the best fabric can not make good clothes, and work OK can be changed style, version can be changed, the size can be tailored. So good work is the basis for good clothing.

2, choose the style: called the finalist supplier to provide style for their own choice or to their own store or online search style (professional business wear design may not catch up with the current trend of fashion, while the fashion trend of clothing generally does not provide professional home body Custom made).

3, the selection of fabrics: After determining the money, it is called the finalist supplier to find the appropriate fabric, the choice of materials is best to their own requirements and the price of the budget to tell the supplier. Because not telling the budget to the supplier is likely to result in good results but the budget is insufficient or the best value for money is not available. In general, good quality suppliers will use the customer's budget to help customers choose the best price range. Fabrics to make samples to improve their own competitiveness.

4, pattern production: called the selected supplier according to a person's body tailor-made sample clothing, in order to compare the process of the clothes, layout type effect and tailored professionalism.

5. Integrity ratio: The integrity, qualifications of the supplier's salesman, and the supplier's professionalism, strength, and after-sales service. Integrity, professionalism, and service are the finalists.

6, cost-effective: take the same sample of your own choice called different suppliers offer.