The company provides a win-win cooperation with complementary resources and profit sharing, and expands the profit space for partners to seek common development. 

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Guangzhou Dunhuang Clothing Co., Ltd.
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Brand Introduction
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The company adheres to the development strategy of the brand management, takes the promotion of uniform brands as its own responsibility, and strives to create the value of the brand. It puts forward the brand concept of “quality is the basis of the brand, marketing is the vitality of the brand, and design is the soul of the brand”. The Design Center has established a strong lineup of marketing teams to continuously increase the popularity and reputation of Dunhuang Brands, enhance the brand image, and create an international brand with its own characteristics.

Dunhuang brand leaders:

When someone continues to pay true love, emotion and care to the brand, the brand can thrive. Dunhuang's brand management is based on this belief. In all production and marketing activities, Dunhuang fully considers the customer's feelings about products and services, and integrates them into the initial stage of product design. The scientific and complete operation process ensures the customers' trust and significance of Dunhuang brand. In the positive transition from product management to brand management, Dunhuang will realize the integration and utilization of all processes and modern resources, carefully nurture and build a successful dunhuang brand, and let him thrive.

Development path:

Since its establishment in 1998, Guangzhou Dunhuang Garment Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the company's business philosophy of “Customer First, Integrity First, and Quality First”; it has adopted core values of honesty, pragmatism, and responsibility; Create an international brand and cast a grand vision for a century-old company. In order to realize our vision, we are striving to adhere to the communication and service with every customer, and satisfy every customer with the quality and perfect service of our clothing! Under the correct leadership and good management of Mr. Liang Yuanzhao, the founder of Guangzhou's duohuang costume, the company has grown stronger, and the quality has been well-recognized in all walks of life. It has won the “top 10 uniform enterprises in Guangzhou”, “star enterprise in Guangdong garment industry” and “quality There are no honors such as complaints, contracts and credit keeping units. This is an affirmation of our company's quality and service. It is the supreme honor!

Development Goals:

The entire staff of our company did not satisfy the status quo and stopped. We are not positioning ourselves as a leader in the mid-to-high end apparel industry but as a leader in this industry. Creating a good corporate image for each company is not only the driving force of our work. It is also the mission that the society has given us in the apparel industry. It is also our goal of perseverance and hard work.